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What's the Meaning Behind the WTC Logo?

Every logo tells a story – especially the World Trade Center logo. An essential part of rebuilding the World Trade Center was the development of a logo and brand identity that could embody our unique story shaped by our  complex past and ever-evolving future. This place holds a special significance to New York City, the United States, and the rest of the world – but it means something different to everyone.

The logo that you see today, created by Landor Associates, went through several design iterations to ensure it captured the many stories and visions held by World Trade Center stakeholders, from developers to tenants to tourists. The result: a logo of five central pillars that embody the World Trade Center’s mission to never forget while always moving forward. 

Ahead, we explain the historical significance and meaning depicted in elements of the logo. The pillars and the negative space between them in the logo capture symbols of the past, the Twin Towers, the 9/11 Memorial Pools, and the Trident,   while also incorporating the present and future by representing the rebuilt office towers on campus and the iconic new skyline of Lower Manhattan. 

History - Twin Towers



Upon completion in the early 1970s, the Twin Towers became one of the best-known symbols of New York City and for a time, the world’s tallest buildings. The acclaimed structures were the centerpiece of the original World Trade Center and remain a central part of the campus’ story. In the logo, the towers are represented front and center by two parallel lines formed from the two lower bars and the negative space above them. 

Reflection - 9/11 Memorial Pools



The 9/11 Memorial Pools of the 9/11 Memorial and Museum are depicted in the logo by the two lower pillars that descend downward and echo the pools’ structure. The 9/11 Memorial Pools were built in the footprint of the Twin Towers. That is carried into the logo, as the bottom half of the pillars that represent the pools, also make up the depiction of the Twin Towers iterated above. 

Resilience - Trident



The trident in the World Trade Center logo symbolizes the iconic tridents formed by the steel columns of the Twin Towers. After 9/11, parts of these structures remained standing, a striking reminder of New York City’s strength and resilience. Today, two tridents stand in the entry Pavilion of the 9/11 Memorial and Museum

Remembrance - Tribute in Light



On the anniversary of September 11, the “Tribute in Light,” twin beams of light, cast four miles into the sky from dusk until dawn to honor and remember those killed. These beams are shown in the logo’s negative space between the three pillars, aiming upward as the “Tribute in Light” does into the night sky yearly on September 11. 

Optimism – 17.76° Angle 



The logo’s top three pillars form an angle of 17.76 degrees to represent One World Trade Center’s symbolic height of 1,776 feet and “1776,” the year the Declaration of Independence was signed. The increasing height of the logo’s pillars also reflects the campus site plan. Each office tower is arranged in an ascending tower, reaching the tallest point at One World Trade Center.  


Determination - 5 Tower World Trade Center Masterplan



The World Trade Center Masterplan, “Memory Foundations,” by Studio Daniel Libeskind outlines the campus’ rebuilding plan and mission to return as the center of Lower Manhattan. The plan includes five total towers on the 16-acre campus. In the logo, that’s one pillar for each building.  

4 World Trade Center opened in 2013, One World Trade Center opened in 2014, and 3 World Trade Center opened in 2018. In February 2021, the Port Authority announced Silverstein Properties Inc and Brookfield Properties will develop a commercial and residential 5 World Trade Center. Designs for 2 World Trade Center are still being finalized.  

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