Green Design

Liberty Park

The elevated one-acre Liberty Park is also a green roof. It contains 50 trees and nearly 1,000 shrubs that offer shade, reduce noise pollution, and mitigate urban heat island effects. Native bee houses were also installed to improve pollination. Within the park, an advanced, energy-efficient lighting system minimizes light pollution to the surrounding area. 

Memorial Plaza

Memorial Plaza is home to over 400 swamp white oak trees, an extremely resilient tree species ideal for shading visitors in summer months. The plaza serves as a green roof, helping to mitigate heat island effects and to harvest storm water for landscape irrigation.

LEED Certification

Designed and constructed using the LEED green building rating system, many of the office and retail tenants on campus are LEED certified, including One, Three, Four, and Seven World Trade Center. The 9/11 Memorial & Museum are Core & Shell LEED Gold certified.