Safety & Security

Fire and Life Safety

The World Trade Center is protected for fire and life safety 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our approach to fire and life safety includes the following measures:

  • We have strategically located state-of-the-art fire safety detection and suppression equipment around the campus for your protection.
  • Our 16-acre campus is monitored around the clock by our fire safety team. Inspections take place continuously to ensure public safety.
  • Our Operations Command Center (OCC) manages day-to-day and emergency operations. Automated external defibrillator units (AED) are strategically placed around the campus for medical emergencies. Our fire safety team and Port Authority police officers are trained in the use of AEDs. In the event that our staff are not on the scene yet, our AEDs are accessible to the public and are self-guiding equipment.


When visiting the World Trade Center campus, rest assured that the Port Authority Police Department and a world-class security team are here to help if you require any assistance.


Around the campus you may encounter personnel and police officers from:

  • Port Authority Police Department
  • New York City Police Department
  • New York State Police Department
  • New York National Guard 

They are all here for the benefit of your security and safety.  Feel free to approach them and speak with them should you have any questions, concerns, or if you need assistance.


While you visit, if you should see anything that concerns you, please let the Port Authority Police know by calling:


The Port Authority Police Counter-Terrorism Hotline
(800) 828-7273


The Port Authority Police World Trade Center Command
(212) 435-7400


or by reporting your concerns to a nearby police officer or security agent.  

Remember, in an emergency, dial 9-1-1.


Such concerning matters may include:

  • Unattended packages
  • Anyone tampering with surveillance cameras
  • Anyone entering unauthorized areas
  • Anyone acting in a suspicious manner

Emergency Contact


Always Call 9-1-1

Or Call:

Port Authority Police Department World Trade Center Command

(212) 435-7400

If you see something that concerns you, call: 


Port Authority Police

Counter-Terrorism Hotline

(800) 828-7273

Non-Emergency Contact

To report spills, leaks, or other pressing maintenance issues:

(212) 435-4709

Questions or comments?

Rules & Regulations

We require that visitors abide by the rules and regulations that are posted throughout the campus and which are also available at the links below.

Public Area Rules & Regulations

Construction Areas Rules & Regulations


Learn more about our safety tips and how you can become an active participant in safety awareness.

Please review our frequently asked questions.