Kaleidoscope Presents!


North Oculus Plaza

Kaleidoscope Presents!


Kaleidoscope Presents! will showcase a multicultural dance performance by Multiculture Center Kaleidoscope, a youth group of varying ages dressed in traditional clothing. The performance will take place on North Oculus Plaza.


About Multiculture Center Kaleidoscope

The mission of Multiculture Center Kaleidoscope is to provide youth in New York an opportunity to put on dance performances at little to no cost to their parents. The organization provides an afterschool activity for children to enhance their ability to understand the diversity of traditions through folk dancing. They have partnered with organizations across the city and country to put on performances at various venues including the United Nations and Barclays Center, among others.  


Date and Time

1 pm - 2 pm


North Oculus Plaza

50 Church Street

New York, New York