Peace For Ukraine Crochet Mural

4/26 - 7/5


Peace For Ukraine Crochet Mural


Come view "Peace for Ukraine," a crochet mural (12 feet by 16 feet) made from yarn created by Love Across USA and crafted by over 150 volunteer crocheters who contributed to the artwork. This crochet mural is based off a sketch made by Artem Varakuta who is a 16-year-old Ukrainian boy currently living as a refugee in Poland. He shared the quote, “When Russia invaded my country, I created this design hoping that peace will come to Ukraine as soon as possible!


This will be the third mural for the "Peace for Ukraine" project with one mural currently in Petoskey, Michigan outside of the Crooked Tree Arts Center, and the other mural is in the Arts District of Westminster, Colorado at the MAC Center.


Over 150 women across the United States and beyond volunteered to participate in this project and were given a square pattern (2 feet by 2 feet) to crochet with love. Please see participants names below: 


Aimee Kebrdle, Alicia Zamagias Davis, Allegra Skinner, Alma Hayes-Belmont, Alyssa Crow, Amy Anderson, Amy Raslevich, Anastasia Betts, Andrea Dooley, Anissa Frailey, Anna Hall, Annabel Taylor, Anne Watkins, Arwen Hunter, Ashlee Elle, Ashley Gibbons, Audrey Nugent, Barbara Armstrong, Barbara Bezalel, Bella Knots, Benilda Z Midence, Beth Hess, Beth Pressler, Brandi Mize-Ruiz , Brie LaMastro, Caitlin Flynt, Carli, Carol Salisbury, Casey Rockmore, Celeste Curioso, Charmel Lester, Cheri DeFries, Cheryl Woodward, Chloé Corcoran, Cindy Fearon, Daniela Lozano, Debbie Hoak, Deidre Cook, Donna Clawson, Donna Counts, Edna Torres, Eliane Bartholazzi, Elizabeth Sovern, Elyse Grayson, Emelia Ferguson, Emily Goldstein, Emily Miller, Fran Harnage, Frances Conwell, Gail Limmer, Giann Marie, Gillian Antopol, Glenna Sands, Gracy Grande, Hannah Busekrus, Hannah Mulroe, Heleena Denison, Hilary Araujo, Jackie McSheene, Jamy Mawhorter, Janelle Ivry, Jen LaMastra, Jennifer Muscarella, Jennifer Goewert, Jennifer Russell, Jennifer Stuart , Joli Ammons, Julia Warner, Juliet Jones, Kappa Curran, Kathy Harry, Kathy Overington, Kaysie Kent, Kelly Friel, Kelly Halstad, Kelly Larson, Kelly Peck, Kelsey Knox, Kim Richard, Kim Taylor, Krysten Bailey, Leah Mikhael, Linda Levinson, Lindsey Walaski, Lisa M Cunningham, Lisa Schneider, London Kaye, Lorie Giczkowski, Louise Underwood, Lyndsay Lack, Madison Faulkner, Marcy Smith, Maria Escotey, Marissa Harry, Mary Beth Haswell, Masumi, Mazal Talmor, Meaghan O’Connor, Melissa Makaza, Melissa Rutledge, Mia Khan, Michelle Elisburg, Mindy Liu, Molly Harry, Nancy Mozelsio, Naomi Lawrence, Narelle Mercer, Nari Gottlieb, Nicole Lafargue, Nikki, Robertson, Nilpa Patel, Nina Ducharme, Nkese Lewis, Padmini Narayan, Paige Bradford, Patti Bashor, Paula Isfeld, Pilar Batlle, RaeAnne Alexander, Raquel Arrue, Risa Gruberger, Rosie Andre, Roxane Lopez, Roxy Storm, Sabrina Uribe-Ventrella, Sanjani Ramkissoon, Sarah Moncada, Sharon Garcia, Shawneal Sullivan, Shelby Comstock, Silvia Mendoza, Sonia Savoulian, Sophia Thomsen, Stacy Clement-Kazimir, Susan Rogers, Susan Sullivan, Susanna Wolfe, Tammy Herma, Tania Rich, Tanya Deutsch, Tearsha Wallace, Thelma Pillepich, Tina Facey, Tracy Thomasson, Twinkie Chan, Violette Lovelace, Yvette Jiggetts. 



About Love Across USA 


Love Across USA is an organization led by artist London Kaye and includes a group of over 1,000 crocheters who create large scale murals entirely made of yarn. The mission behind the “Love Across the USA” project was to create beautiful tributes to strong women in cities across the United States by engaging local community crafters and crocheters to take part in the project. The most recent mural was in Washington, DC of Vice President Kamala Harris. 


With this art installation, please note the below statement from Port Authority:


As codified with a formal resolution on March 17, 2022, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey’s Board of Commissioners vehemently condemns Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine and stands in solidarity and friendship with Ukraine and its people.  The Board unanimously agreed to take additional actions in support of Ukraine, through waiving airport and port fees for shipments of humanitarian aid and pledging technical expertise at a time when Ukraine’s badly damaged transportation infrastructure be safely reconstructed and repaired. 


The artwork displayed here – on a site sacred to the region, the country and the world for the resilience it embodies -- fittingly symbolizes the Port Authority’s solidarity and actions in support of Ukraine during her hour of need.



2 World Trade Center Transit Lobby


200 Greenwich Street

New York, NY 10007