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Coming up this month at The World Trade Center: December 2023

Welcome to our new monthly blog series that's all about the vibrant and dynamic World Trade Center campus! Nestled in the heart of Lower Manhattan, this iconic location offers a variety of exciting events and activities that will keep you returning all year round. From spectacular performances at the Performing Arts Center (PAC NYC) to the enchanting illuminations at the Oculus, and a wide array of community gatherings, the World Trade Center campus is a hub of culture, entertainment, and community spirit. But that's not all – we will enrich your experience by sharing a fascinating "Did you know?" fact about the campus each month, revealing hidden gems and lesser-known facts that make this place even more remarkable. Join us as we dive into a world of monthly wonders, and let's explore the magic that is the World Trade Center campus!


Oculus Lightings:

  • Ongoing through holiday season: Holiday Lighting (Blue)
  • Dec. 1: World AIDS Day (Red)
  • Dec. 7: First Night of Hanukkah (White, Blue)
  • Dec. 23-25: Christmas (Red, Green)
  • Dec. 26: Kwanzaa (Red, Black, Green)
  • Dec. 31: New Year’s Eve (Amber)


PAC Lobby Stage programming, free and open to the public:

  • Dec. 1 at 6:45pm: Mairi Dorman-Phaneuf, A Life Under Broadway
  • Dec. 2 at 11am and 2pm: The Bruces
  • Dec. 2 at 7pm: Las Palabras
  • Dec. 5 at 7pm: Education Through Music
  • Dec. 6 at 2:30pm: Yi Zhou and Yimin Miao
  • Dec. 9 at 11am: Chromic Duo
  • Dec. 9 at 7pm: Retro Baby
  • Dec. 15 at 6:45pm: Chelsea Starbuck Smith & Adam Rothenberg
  • Dec. 16 at 11am: Squala Orphan and Hetep BarBoy
  • Dec. 16 at 8pm: Jenni Muldaur & Teddy Thompson
  • Dec. 20 at 12:30pm: Storytelling Lives
  • Dec. 21 at 5:30pm: sola system
  • Dec. 22 at 5:45pm: Trio Fadolin

Sing for Hope performances on the Oculus floor:

  • Dec. 2 11am-1pm

Westfield’s Winter Whirl and Holiday Market – Now through Jan. 7. Learn more and purchase tickets here.


Kaleidoscope New Year Around the World: Multicultural dance performance by a youth group dressed in traditional clothing.

  • Dec. 15 4-6pm


Did you know?

The Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church and National Shrine reopened its doors to the public one year ago, in December 2022!


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